Many Perth residents who live and work here don’t speak English as their first language. Not speaking fluent English can often make it harder to understand your driving instructors directions and teachings. This can be a daunting situation, especially when learning to drive is already stressful enough and you need to reduce nerves to drive safely.

With professional foreign driving lessons from Eclipse Driving School, you’ll learn at your own pace with an instructor who understands your native language. When placing your booking for foreign driving lessons, be sure to indicate your English speaking ability and indicate which language your prefer to speak.

Passing Your Driving Lesson with Limited English

Having limited knowledge or a lack of confidence of the English language does not have to be a road block to passing your driving test and receiving your Australian drivers licence. While you will need some basic English Language knowledge, the Department of Transport understand that you don’t need to speak fluent English to be a competent driver.

In fact, the Department of Transport actually offer online translating and interpreting services and can also provide on-site interpreters for face-to-face interviews.

When learning to drive on Perth roads with limited English knowledge, it is important that you:

Understand local road signs

While you do not need to be fluent in English to pass your driving assessment, it’s important that you can understand local road signs. While speed limit signs may be easier to understand, you’ll also need to understand local English road names as your assessor will often ask you to turn down particular roads. It’s also vital that you understand road work signs and break down instructions as these signs are not as common, but even more important.

Your foreign language driving instructor from Eclipse Driving School will help you understand the local road signs and explain them slowly. Eclipse driving instructors are encouraged to take their time with students at work at the pace the students are comfortable with. This allows you to learn road rules and signs in your own time, reducing stress and calming nerves.

Understand instructions from your driving assessor

When sitting your driving assessment, your assessor will be speaking to you in English. While they understand that it may not be your first language, it’s important that you’re still able to understand the instructions they give you. Your assessor will be assessing your driving capabilities based on your road skills rather than knowledge of the English language.

Eclipse driving instructors will work through a list of common questions and directions that will be given during your driving assessment. This will familiarise you with what will be required, to reduce your nerves and allow you to feel more at ease.

Feel confident in sitting your driving assessment

Passing your driving test first time will save you time and money, so it’s important that you are prepared and confident that you will pass. Eclipse’s foreign language driving instructors will work at your pace and ensure you feel comfortable and ready to sit your practical driving assessment. If you are encouraged to sit your driving test but don’t yet feel confident, make sure you express this feeling with your instructor, who will be more than happy to work with you to teach and instil confidence.

Book Your Foreign Driving Lessons with Eclipse Driving School

At Eclipse Driving School we are proud of our school’s diversity. We’ve taught men, women and children from across the world to drive safely and pass the Australian driving test assessment. We ensure you learn at your own pace and are not rushed to complete your driving assessment until your are ready. This ensures you save money by passing your driving test first time.

If you would like to book foreign language driving lessons with Eclipse Driving School, call our friendly team today on (08) 9557 5010 and let us know your requirements. Alternatively, fill out our online booking form – just ensure you leave the note that you’d like a foreign driving lesson in your first language.