Defensive Driving Course Perth

Here are the top reasons why Eclipse Driving School’s defensive driving courses are a must do for any driver:

  1. Better understanding of vehicle control on Perth roads
  2. Fatigue management issues and understanding of driver behaviour
  3. Different road surfaces and driving at dusk and night time

Many people assume defensive driving is a course that teaches you how to control a car in a skid and driving fast through cones on a track. While these courses are available and are very beneficial to drivers, defensive driving courses should be a lot more in-depth about road safety and best practices.

Our Defensive Driving Course

defensive driving course attendee

Eclipse Driving School conduct 3 to 4-hour courses. Defensive driving courses teach you to be more aware of your surroundings on the road and looking further ahead while driving, allowing you to avoid the need to stop suddenly in an emergency. We will also take you through emergency breaking during all weather conditions.

While we will show and help you to control a car in an emergency situation, the main emphasis will always be that prevention is better than a cure.

As the driver of the vehicle your safety is most important, we will help develop your driving skills and enhance your awareness of your surroundings.

Courses are aimed at any level of driver. Both new drivers who’ve recently completed their P plates and parents alike will find Eclipse Driving School’s defensive driving courses in Perth very educational.

We have ex police officers and experienced instructors who deliver this course.

Head over to our booking page or call 9557 5010 to book your Perth Defensive Driving Course Today.