What is Corporate Driver Training?

Corporate driver training involves Eclipse Driving School Perth teaching corporate drivers in a wide range of driving skills.

  1. Driving to road conditions
  2. Driver attitude towards other road users
  3. Changing lanes correctly
  4. …and much more

How can Corporate Driver Training Benefit your Perth Business?

corporate driver training

By enlisting your drivers in corporate driver training, we will teach them positive life driving skills

  1. Improving company image
  2. Reducing incidents of road rage
  3. Defensive driving techniques
  4. Having a sense of pride when driving for your company, which will see more positive reviews and enhance your company image.

How do I Sign Up for A Corporate Driver Training Course?

Eclipse run many different courses for any size business. It’s time to ask yourself:

  1. How much revenue is your company losing due to bad driving habits?
  2. Are you spending money on signage for your vehicles and marketing?
  3. Are your drivers representing you in a professional and positive manner whilst on the road representing your brand?

Eclipse driving school offers corporate driver training specifically aimed at improving driver skill and more importantly driver attitudes to other road users. These courses are perfect for small and large local businesses that offer delivery as an option. Whether you own a small goods store, outdoor living, landscape supplies, and more, our corporate driver training courses will ensure your employees are safe on the road.

We have many corporate packages available which are suited to every business who would like to get more return on their advertising.

Enlisting is easy, head over to our contact page or call us on (08) 9557 5010 for bookings or further information.