Automatic Driving Lessons Perth, Bunbury & Southwest WA

People often jump to the conclusion that learning to drive an automatic vehicle is easier than learning the ‘complicated’ ins and outs of manual vehicles – which is not always the case. With proper training by specialist driving instructors, best practices can be taught to make driving either transmission type a breeze.

Benefits of Driving an Automatic Vehicle

Reduced Stresseclipse driving school - automatic driving lessons

Learning to drive an automatic vehicle can help reduce driving anxiety – requiring fewer actions and processes to drive efficiently. This makes it a common choice amongst students booking driving lessons in Perth. Automatic vehicles reduce the chances of:

  • Stalling
  • Rolling Backwards
  • Bunny Hopping

Compared to manual vehicles, auto cars only have two pedals and usually only require the use of the gear stick when reversing or idling. This allows the driver to focus on the dangers around them when learning to drive and sitting their automatic practical driving assessment.

Reduced Strain in Busy Traffic

Driving a manual vehicle in busy traffic such as Mitchell Freeway during peak hours can often take a toll on both feet as you’re constantly on and off the clutch and accelerator. As automatic vehicles only require the use of one foot, the strain of busy start and stop traffic is somewhat reduced.

The Simplicity of Automatic Transmission

As automatic vehicles do not require the use of a clutch and minimal use of the gear stick, drivers can put more focus towards external dangers on the road. The simplicity of automatic driving lessons is often appealing to many learner drivers.

Our Advice?

Both automatic and manual vehicles have their own benefits. While learning to drive manual allows the flexibility of driving both manual and automatic vehicles once you pass the test – we understand manual driving lessons may not be the best option for everyone.

We recommend you strive to obtain the license you feel more comfortable learning. Whichever option you choose, Eclipse Driving School’s experienced driving instructors will ensure you have the best chance of passing your practical driving assessment first time.

Did we mention we’re accredited to deliver your free government funded Keys2Drive automatic driving lesson?

Keys2Drive is a government initiative that entitles all learner drivers to a free hour lesson. Want to book yours? Head over to our Keys2Drive page to find out more.


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Automatic Driving Lessons FAQs

What are the benefits of automatic driving lessons?

Learning to drive in an automatic vehicle can help to relieve stress reduce strain in heavy traffic and gives students one less process to worry about while driving.

Is it easier to learn in an automatic car?

Whilst the difficulty of driving and automatic compared to manual vehicle is different, they are very similar in most regards. Learning to drive an automatic vehicle reduces the need to shift gears, removing the use of a clutch. Whilst this may seem easier, both automatic and manual vehicles are relatively easy to drive with adequate learning.

Can you sit your driving test in an automatic vehicle?

You can sit automatic driving lesson tests in an automatic vehicle. If you are going for your manual license, you will need to sit your driving test in a manual vehicle. Once you pass your driving test with an automatic vehicle, you are not permitted to drive manual vehicles.

Are free automatic driving lessons available?

You can book a free automatic Keys2Drive lesson from Eclipse Driving School, funded by the Federal Government. Terms and conditions apply.